How to Create a Candy Buffet on a Budget

Many agree that including a candy buffet and/or dessert table at your special event adds décor to the space and is fun for the guests.   If you have already started pricing out everything you need to create one, I am sure you have found that it adds up pretty quickly.    We have put together some helpful tips for creating a delightful candy buffet on a budget.

 To begin with, if you plan on using a cake or a cupcake tower, incorporate it into your table design and add the jars and trays of sweets around it.  Not only would it serve as a beautiful centerpiece, but it will cut down on the amount of candy you will need by eliminating extra space on the table.

Keep in mind the size of the jars.  If you are looking to save money, don’t fill up one of your biggest jars with small candy like M&M’s or Sixlets as you will need a lot in order to make the jar look full.  When ordering candy,  use less expensive and bigger candy in large jars and use the more expensive candy in the small jars.  An example would be using something like gumballs, larger gummies or mini pretzels for the large jars and M&M’s or Sixlets in the smaller jars.

Another suggestion is to layer the candy in some of the jars.  Add the more expensive smaller candy on the bottom and  place the lollipops on top.  Remember though, that some of those big beautiful lollipops cost between $3-5 dollars per piece, there are pops available for less so do a little research and opt to use those.   

Remember chocolate is more expensive so you might want to limit the amount. Malted milk balls and mini chocolate pretzels are a good choice because they are bigger and generally less expensive than other chocolate. 

 Use other snacks.  Expand your candy buffet to include popcorn, marshmallow, cookies, etc.  

Another way to reduce the amount of candy you will need to buy is to use smaller take away bags or boxes to discourage overloading and ensure there is enough candy for all your guests to take home. 

  If  you are looking for other ways to fill up blank space on your table, consider a centerpiece like a big framed picture of the guest of honor or any centerpiece that complements your theme. 

 Create a beautiful inexpensive backdrop with wrapping paper.  Simply wrap poster board with paper and place behind the table.    Add balloons and a banner for an instant pop.   If you choose to not have a backdrop, place your table against an accent wall or in front of a window.

 Hope you enjoyed some of our budget friendly candy buffet ideas.  Be inspired and have fun creating!


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