Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why Should I Include a Candy Buffet and/or Dessert Table at My Event?

Candy and/or Desert Tables are a decorative display of candy and desserts. They are unique, provide beautiful décor for any event and everyone loves sweets! They will make your event fun and memorable and are a great way for guests to mingle with each other while providing a fantastic favor everyone will appreciate.


Is a Candy Buffet Cost-Effective?

Absolutely. Consider the expense of an ordinary party favor, a lot of them are thrown away or stuffed in a drawer. A candy buffet provides dessert, décor and a party favor all in one.


How much candy will I need?

Average serving per guest is ¼- 1/2 pound of candy. Add-On specialty sweets and savory are available.


I can buy candy, why shouldn’t I just do it myself?

There is alot involved in assembling a candy buffet/dessert table then you may realize. Many people who have decided to do-it-yourself found they spent the same amount of money or more than if they hired a professional from the start. In fact, we have had several customers come to us in the middle of their project asking for help and reporting to us that it wasn’t as easy as it looked, it was a lot of work and running around and it was expensive.

Consider the following before you decide: You will need to buy candy in large quantities. You will also have to purchase a variety of glassware, stands, scoops and accessories, most of which you will have no use for after the event. We would supply everything you need as it would be included in your quoted price. You would also need ribbons, bags, labels and décor to make your display attractive as well as packaging to transport everything to your event location. A lot of time is spent researching candy prices, trying to figure out what confections you would need as well as the right quantity per guest. Lasting Impressions Gift Baskets & Party has extensive knowledge of quality confections available at the best prices and in different quantities. In addition, you will need to bring your supplies back and forth to the venue, design and setup your display then take down and clean up after the event. Who wants to worry about all that while you have so many other party details to attend to. Enjoy your event and let us handle the details.

Also keep in mind that some venues will not permit customer provided food due to liability issues, so check with your venue before if you decide to DIY.


I want to do a DIY Candy Buffet, can I buy the candy from Lasting Impressions Gift Baskets & Party?

Yes, if you decide to do-it-yourself, like most people, you may not be sure where to start. Not to worry, we’re here to help with some tips and techniques. In addition to offering a package that includes rental of the glassware, delivery, set up and take down service, we also offer just bulk candy and sweets. There are hundreds to choose from and some are available in smaller quantities making it more cost effective.


Why shouldn’t I buy the candy online?

Consider ordering from us, here’s why. For the most part, prices of the candy are the same, you won’t have to ship it, you will avoid hidden fees, e.g. many vendors will require you to either pay for cold packs/and or use two-day delivery during certain times of the year which can be expensive. The other consideration is you have no idea how long that candy has been sitting around in a warehouse waiting for someone to order it or what shape it will be in when it finally gets to you. We buy fresh from quality vendors at the best prices and help you in deciding the type and right quantity to buy. If you already know exactly the types and quantities of candy you want, we can get it for you with no fees involved other than the retail cost of the candy.


Can you do a Kosher Buffet?

Yes. Many candies and desserts are available Kosher and we will be happy to build your display honoring that requirement.


How early should I book my Candy Buffet/Sweet Table?

Because a lot of planning and preparation go into designing a candy buffet/sweet table, we recommend you lock in your date as soon as possible. Booking your event in a timely manner ensures that there is ample time to design the look of the table, order the candy and sweets, create the props and décor and allow for unexpected shipping delays.


I want a candy table how do I get started?

Every table starts with a consultation where the we gather information about the event such as theme, colors, location, time of day, budget and your personal taste and preferences. We then can begin designing the table that not only complements the theme but serves as a desert bar, centerpiece and favor for the guests.

Call or text us and let us help you capture the magic of your event. 516 643 1221